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again, rick altman at the conservative citizens council along with virginia abernathy of the afore mentioned protect
in woodbridge, virginia. occoquan road is closed. the capital beltway on the inner loop looks like construction is set up at the mixing bowl, 238, little river and 66. on this outer loop looks like gallo and telegraph you want to watch for roadwork the next half hour. the same situation for the outer loop as we take you outside. things are moving well but construction at 355 is where you want to watch for it as well as kenilworth and before that at branch avenue. wrap it up with 95 and the bw parkway. it looks like between powder mill and 198 that's where the construction is set up. back to you. >>> a prince georges county school bus driver is facing child pornography charges after police say he assaulted a boy who rides his bus. authorities say that man recorded the incident on his phone. as gary tells us, this investigation happened by pure chance. >> reporter: police arrested scott smallwood at the brandywine bus depot. he has driven for the county since 2005 scene accused of sexually molesting a child and recording the encounters. it happened after a customer at this 7-eleven found a video
morning but i was talking to steve in cross junction, virginia, outside of winchester, cloudy there and a few showers. southwest pennsylvania and ohio could bug us later on. fredericksburg 55. a chilly day. we will call it partly cloudy to mostly cloudy today. an isolated shower is possible and milder. highs in the 60s to near 70 and code green air quality. it is 6:00 a.m. hello, angie. >> rise and shine. we are here to make it a great day. outside the beltway, things are looking nice. a closer look and show you arlington, virginia. westbound wilson boulevard is closed because of an early morning accident. take you to 395. open the door and show you  everything is moving smoothly from the capital beltway past duke street to the 14th street bridge. another problem has popped up, however, in virginia. i want to show you this. this is on the outer loop at van doren street. a new accident and we are slow building congestion approaching the scene. wrap it up with the withouter loop conditions north of the district. the sun is rising and looking nice. traffic is picking up from un
at the university of virginia. the lacrosse player would have graduated with her teammates. >> this was a day of pride and accomplishment, but also a difficult day. her ex-boyfriend sits in a jail cell charged with her murder. the class of 2010 is determined to look forward. >> they are receiving their diplomas sunday. missing from the commencement festivities, their friend and classmates loved her. love, 22 years old, a member of the lacrosse team, was found beaten to death may 3 on her off-campus apartment. they charged her ex-boyfriend with first-degree murder in connection with her death. days later hundreds of young people attended the funeral in baltimore. lacrosse team members were there. members of the men's lacrosse team acted as pallbearers. members of the north carolina team wore orange arm bands in remembered of love. virginia lost a game. their season ended. in tribute they awarded a posthumous award in her name. certainly an emotional ceremony. she would have gathered with and it -- graduated with a minor in spanish. students tried to help raise awareness about domestic violence
or what caused him to fall. an emotional win today for the university of virginia's women's lacrosse team. it was the first game since a teammate was found murdered two weeks ago. players wore shirts honoring her and a moment of silence was held before the game. a member of the u.v.a. men's lacrosse team was charged with her murder. the men's team paid tribute to her last night. >> i don't think things will be the same, but you know, we got to keep moving forward and do the best we can. >> love's family attended today's game and we will have much more on this coming up in sports. crews may have made a significant step towards containing that massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico. quite a bit of hope here, chris. >> 23 days after the oil rig explosion that killed 11 and sent 5,000 barrels of oil a day spewing into the gulf of mexico, progress in slowing the spill. but the news today is not all good. b.p. says underwater robots successfully inserted a six-inch hose into this gusher of oil and gas. >> we would like to collect as much of the oil and gas as we can. what we ultimately accompli
. in to virginia and maryland, as well. on the outer loop we are clear north of the district from route 1 to 270. i want to show you virginia 66 where things are moving well from manassas to 50 all the way to the beltway. going to the maps the outer loop in virginia a couple of construction alerts for you. first at 123 and another at gallows road. that's where you will lose three right lanes and 395 northbound from 495 to the pentagon smooth sailing. back to you. >>> surveillance cameras captured an assault in montgomery county the video led to the arrest of two teenagers and police are still searching for two more. andrea mccarren spoke to the victim's father about the attack. >> reporter: the five suspects pounced on their unsuspecting prey after waiting in a stairwell at an aspen hill apartment complex. >> he got hit in the ribs and in the eyes an the whole face. >> reporter: the attack was brutal. the 30-year-old victim, a father of two, suffered broken ribs, numerous cuts and severe bruises. >> don't go out at night anytime and they are afraid. >> reporter: this is the first of two assaults. t
. >> reporter: this is the present in charlestown, west virginia. slot machines, 5,000 of them. and this is the future in charlestown, full-blown casino gambling is coming here on july 1st, thanks to a referendum overwhelmingly approved by local voters who want jobs and tax revenue. in 2009 as a slots parlor, this facility paid $257 million in taxes to west virginia coiffures. >> westbounder, winner, winner. >> reporter: the take and taxes are expected to be larger when people can play black jack, poker, roulette and shoot craps here. training classes for dealers started here in february. retired new jersey policeman joseph montez has a good pension. why become a dealer in the casino? >> to have fun and i'm a people person. >> reporter: most trainees have been hit hard by the recession and have been out of work for a long time. jenny worked for 18 years for city c do it? >> we're working on it. >> reporter: the general manager estimates with tips, his dealers will make $45,000 a year. and in tough thick times in west virginia -- tough economic times in west virginia, that is g
virginia to try to figure out what went wrong. relatives of four the men killed in the explosion will testify and so will the state's governor. the explosion killed 29 workers. so far investigators have not pinpointed an exact cause but have said there is a dangerous build up of methane gas inside. >>> graduation at university of virginia weeks after murder rocked the senior class. >> yeardley reynolds love. >> reporter: 22-year-old yeardley love was remembered today at the commencement ceremony. her degree still awarded and received by her cousin. love was found murdered in her charlottesville apartment may 3rd. her ex boyfriend george huguely has been charged and uva president john casteen wants law enforcement to tell colleges and universities if their students are arrested. that is an idea that has drawn some criticism. >> the many students will be turned away from college campuses because of suspicion. don't forget arrests are not convictions. >> if someone is deemed to be a threat to the community, of course we would want to know about that. but in terms of what impact that
vanishes. specialized crime techs en route from michigan to virginia to search every square inch of two vehicles, one a mercury sedan. the other a dodge ram pickup. both belonging to mommy's estranged husband. tonight, we learn suspicious tire tracks in a field where a neighbor spots a truck and a mystery man crouched nearby at the time mommy goes missing. with her two little girls in hiding for their own protection still, no sign of mommy tonight. where is gorgeous young mom of two, venus stewart? >> breaking news. police dive teams searching adams lake right now in the search for venus stewart. law enforcement using side scan sonar equipment to search the lake. cops also reportedly say they're flying employees of the michigan state police crime lab to virginia to search two vehicles registered to estranged husband douglas stewart. law enforcement desperately searching for mom of two, 32-year-old venus stewart. venus disappears heading down the driveway to drop a letter in the mailbox, wearing just slippers and pajamas. cops say there are signs of a struggle. >> you observed heel marks
downtown washington yet. quite a lot of rain out across the virginia piedmont. so a brand-new flash flood warning now just put out by the national weather service. this is in madison county, virginia. it goes until 2:45 this morning. show you on radar, resumed all the way in into madison county here, and the areas affected here out towards etlen and syria to the east of craiglersville and fields of griffinburg. but these rain showers are indeed coming in our general direction so we'll keep you posted. a complete check of the 7-day, in the a few more minutes. >> thanks, chuck. >>> to our. other top story now. police try to figure out what caused the man to veer so far off the road two, families -- two families tonight are coping with unimaginable loss. darcy spencer talked to them tonight. darcy? >> reporter: craig, police still don't know what caused the driver of that suv to lose control. it claimed the life of a man just a day before his 32nd birthday and a teen just a week away from high school graduation. >> reporter: 17-year-old abdul shadily just one week away from graduating from f
northern maryland westbound in virginia, the showers in metro d.c. are headed toward charlottes view. good news. the heaviest rain is behind us, a lot of sogginess out there, a soggy sunday night to go out and do anything. more clouds than rain tomorrow, clouds will be plentiful, no doubt about that. warmer and drier days ahead. when did they get here and how long will they last? that isth in 7-day forecast coming up. >> thanks, chuck. >>> for most, the storms moved through quickly today but dumped a lot of rain in a short amount of time for folks, but loudoun county, route 606 near ever green mill road had to be shut down because it was covered in water. in northwest d.c., the storms were bringing down power lines. these powerlines in particular, the 4800 block of 3rd street. >>> the university of virginia's class of 2010 walked down the mall for graduation today without one of their classmates. yeardley love would have graduated with a government degree today. she was murdered earlier this month and today's ceremonies included a tribute to love and a strong stand against domestic violenc
in from maryland across the woodrow wilson bridge into virginia and the maryland state highway group has signs, the mobile signs all the way up in the beltway and on to 95 to warn travellers. >> the lane closures were supposed to last until monday but transportation officials say that the concrete damage was not as significant as they thought. >>> a jet carrying 166 people crashed in southern end kwa today. killing nearly -- india. killing everybody on board and the pilot overshot a hill and plunged over a cliff. only eight people survived. some were able to jump from the plane moments before it burst into flames. the airport is on a platemr pla they say it's a tricky spot. >>> the main military base in afghanistan has several international service members wounded. no one claimed responsibility but the kandahar base is in an area known to be a taliban strong hold and also the launching pad for thousands of u.s. forces pouring in for a surge in that country. today's attack was the third on nato an afghanistan this week alone. you might remember wednesday an american contractor was killed
mean huge backups this weekend. closures begin at 9:00 on the virginia side of i-95, wilson bridge. the inner loop west of telegraph road in alexandria is down to one lane. so that a crumbling section of pavement can be repaired. officials are predicting backups of 10 to 15 miles in the area. the lane restrictions could last until 5:00 monday morning. >>> before you head outside this weekend. fairfax wants to warn you about poisonous snakes. a number of copperhead bites in recent weeks. in riverbend park, hunter mill area of reston and clifton district. >> warmer and warmer they will start dispersing. then they all waill court females, trail them and court them through late spring. >> ven oucom is poisonous, it c cause swelling and vomitting. keep your eyes on the ground when outside. what makes copper heads dangerous the way they can blend into their surroundings. >>> the hip-hop artist, never forgets to mention home town of washington when performing and repeat lead given back to the town since becoming a well known name in music world. tonight, he is at the center of a controver
nicholas rodriguez of staff fordford, virginia was killed. we know the corporal was 29 years old. >>> to kabul, afghanistan now. a terrorist struck during the morning rush in a ran packed with 1600 pounds of explosives. he pulled up next to an american convoy and triggered a massive blass blast. >> i heard that the taliban claimed responsibility for it. i think the probability is high that the taliban is behind this. >> the impact is so powerful it destroyed eight vehicles including a public bus. many were college students on their way to classes. >>> new at 6:00, congressional investigators say some of the same intelligence failure as loued a man to slip on board a u.s.-bound jet liner with a bomb last christmas. a senate intelligence committee released a 16-page summary of the investigation saying some of the same systemic problems remain in place after the world trade center and pentagon attacks. the white house disagreed and said any failure may have come in the interpretation of the failure receivedp. >>> b.p. reduced the amount of oil being released. b.p.'s c.o.o. said th
pennsylvania, southern ohio in to west virginia now, up to wheeling in the northern panhandle there. that front may trigger one or two showers later on. 63 oakland. winchester had a great apple blossom festival last weekend, 69 for them this morning. 68 at andrews. 66 tappahannock. code yellow air quality. a chance of an afternoon sure. highs of 85. right now 68. it is 4:31. tell me about the construction. >>> none to report if you are traveling 95 northbound in virginia. the road is looking okay as well as on 395, no delays to the 14th street bridge. when you get to the beltway, if you take it to the maps and show you. well, look live outside at the beltway in virginia. construction is set up between 236 and braddock road and 395 and 95. moving over to 270, more roadwork between 118 germantown road and montgomery village avenue. watch for road crews at 370. the outer loop, everything is moving at speed. back to you. >> thank you. thousands attended a vigil for a university of virginia student. yeardley love's body was found in her apartment and her accused boyfriend is sitting in jail as frien
in oakland, virginia, about 16 miles north of dc. you're going to make me say it, wagner said. you've got three homosexuals in the house with one straight guy. we're all drinking. and you know what's happening tonight, someone asked juan. you're coming to jesus. that's insulting, joe said. adding that juan was not gay and he was not physically attracted to him anyway. something happened and it caused somebody their life. there's a wife out there right now, without a husband, detective north told ward during his questioning. somehow, someway, it's going to come out. >> this is bruce johnson in the district. stevie wonder is appearing at the nonprofits and the civil service concert. the people who work at the capitol food bank are going to the concert for free. >> the phones have been ringing off the hook. >> reporter: some dc schoolteachers and staff are going to stevie wonder concerts. not nearly the numbers that the late washington wizards had in mind. the dc public school should have had some 1500 tickets for teachers and others. the washington wizards, they sent over a link and a passw
and virginia are cracking down on drivers violating the car pool lane rule. kristin fisher is live in rockville with more on this commuter alert. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. well, today is not the day to try to drive riding solo on the hov lane. for the first time ever virginia and maryland law enforcement are teaming up to catch hov lane violaters during the morning and the evening rush hour. what do you say, let's look at the roads you need to watch for during your morning commute. in virginia what you need to watch for is officers will be monitoring interstates 66, 95, 395 an the dulles toll road. in maryland 270, where we are right now, and route 50. if you get caught, you can expect to pay some pretty steep fines. in maryland the violation carries a $90 fine and one point against a driver's license for first time offenders and additional point for each subsequent offense. in virginia, it is even higher. get this, 125 for a first offense. 250 for a second offense plus three points on the driving record. a third offense will cost you $500 plus three more points and the f
of northern and central portions of virginia and even eastern west virginia. so here it is for today. just plain old rain showers with the overcast skies. wind has primarily been out of the southeast. tomorrow southwesterly wind. we are going to get breaks in the cloud cover and be able to warm up to 80 degrees. little bit of heat for us. again, that's going to be really a few -- storms of the code front comes on in tomorrow. so here is a look at your good night wakeup forecast. 57 to 58 degrees by 9:00 and 11 cloak p.m. temperatures will start rising after midnight. so we will start the day tomorrow with 67 to 69 with just light scattered showers across the area. probably even a touch of fog as well. and we will be on our way in a hurry to rise to about 80 degrees. your fast forecast, light rain for the evening. wet stormy pattern for the week with not just tomorrow looking at severe weather. the possibility. but friday as well. and a roller coaster ride on the temperatures coming up as well. much more coming up. wendy, jim? >> thanks, veronica. >>> families are salvaging what they can af
. >>> an emotional moment at the university of virginia commencement. graduates on the memory of a murdered classmate. -- graduates honor the memory. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> tonight, six years in the making. millions of "lost" fans finally learned the answer. kris van cleave watched the final episode with some die-hard fans tonight. kris, was in everything that everyone had hoped for? >> we are going to find out from some "lost" fans -- was it everything that everyone had hoped for? the room was silent. they were focused. they were on the third floor, watching every last second of the finality of "lost." >> the television event of the decade. how will it all ends? >> it has been six years in the making, six years of twists, turns, suspense, and, of course, questions, but now, "lost" has answered all of those questions. >> there was a little disappointment in the excitement because i know is going to be over, and i will not be able to see if anymore. >> in northwest, nearly 100 people gathered at a "lost" party to benefit the lymphomas society. >> it is a
, but there is no rain. you can see a lot of moisture in tennessee and kentucky and some thunderstorms in west virginia as well. that is aging our way. first we pick up some clouds. -- that is coming our way. first we pick up some clouds. quite a change coming. i will detail all of this in the forecast. >> several primary and special elections slated for tuesday could have far-reaching effects. political pundits look at what is coming in fall with the elections. >> just how angry is america with washington? we will see again on tuesday when voters head to the primaries in pennsylvania, kentucky, arkansas, and oregon. in pennsylvania, the spotlight is on arlen specter. he is under attack from both sides. >> had i stayed with the obstructionist, republican caucus, my path to the election was clear. >> his democratic primary is painting him as a political opportunist -- democratic primary opponent is painting him as a political opportunist. >> something big is going on. >> brand paul is threatening the mainstream gop candidate. bob bennett says voters are just plain angry. >> liberal, black, white, female
the death of a lacrosse star at the university of virginia. good morning washington begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. we are glad you are joining us on this wednesday morning. it is a little less humid today. >> a lot more refreshen. the humidity is a way down. you can open the windows and get fresh air. let's look at temperatures. 54 degrees in frederick, 55 in gaithersburg, 50 in a plata. it will feel like spring today. the humidity is gone for the foreseeable future. it is cinco de michaeayo. >> overnight construction is being taken care of. we are giving you the green light on 95 between fredericksburg and baltimore. a nice run on the greenway and 270. headlights are southbound on the way to i-495 . now to allison and doug. >> was still shocked student body will gather tonight at the university of virginia to remember the life of yeardley love, murdered monday in an act of domestic violence. tonight's service comes as we learn disturbing details about the sus
parts of the area. no accidents to reports as far as virginia. this is 95. 66 is also off to a good run. no issues on 395. if you're headed in or out of the district, no problems on the freeway or through southeast. >> thank you. >>> we begin with the latest developments from the car bomb plot in new york city. we are getting our first look at surveillance tape that may show the suspect. police are looking for the man seen changing his shirt in the video. he parkton suv with enough explosives to kill nearby pedestrians. brianne carter has the latest from the investigation on this monday morning. >> police are said to be closely examining footage from several security cameras. we are getting a first look at the image they're focusing on. they are continuing their search for suspects. after a failed bomb attack saturday night on one of new york's busiest streets, police are focusing on the surveillance video, which they believe may help lead to the man responsible. >> it was the intent to cause mayhem. >> the video shows a white male believe to be in his 40's in an alley taking off his sh
of virginia are plan a memorial on campus tonight in charlottesville in honor of a popular lacrosse player who was murdered. yeardley love was dead in her apartment monday. her former boyfriend, george huguely, is charged with the crime. kimberly suiters reports. police are investigating alleges of a violent history between the suspect and victim. >> there's no way that george huguely would do something like that. >> reporter: those are the very first thoughts in michael preston's head. the moment he heard his childhood friend, george huguely, was accused of murder. >> it is devastating. i mean, i can't imagine what his family is going through and even worse, what the -- miss love's familiar sly going through. >> reporter: details of the crime and court records devastating to both families. huguely admitted he was involved in the altercation with love, that he shook her and her head repeatedly hit a wall and kicked his foot through the bedroom door. police found love beaten, bloodied and bruised. some of yeardley love's friends he threatened her in text messages but preston never knew his frie
between germantown road and clopper. 495 in virginia more roadwork at a bunch of places. let's say braddock road, 236, little river, out by 95. 395 northbound approaching the beltway, a live shot here you will lose a couple of lanes because of roadwork, as well. 95 before that, though, no complaints. so far so good from dumfries to 395. andrea, back to you. >>> we are learning more about the university of virginia lacrosse player accused of murder. investigators say this is not the first time that george huguely has been in legal trouble. brittany morehouse has the story. >> reporter: it was in november of 2008 and the 6'1", 205-pound senior who's now accused of murder had to be shocked with a stun gun and the police officer, a 5'3" female with the lexington police department said she became abusive. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: tonight violence plays on the minds of women across campus as they study for finals and dial up cell phones they take a moment to light these candles for yeardley love. they say it is a private matter and not one student wants to talk about it. one
>>> an emotional start to the ncaa tournament for the virginia lacrosse team tonight. the men took the field for the first time since the murder of yeardley love. allegedly at the hands of another uva lacrosse player. >> good saturday evening, everyone. i'm craig melvin. nearly two weeks now since that murder shook the lacrosse community. tonight, fans left flowers at the entrance to the stayed when the men's team was set to start tournament action. one player was missing though, george huguely sits in a jail cell. he of course is accused of killing his former girlfriend, yeardley love, who was also a uva lacrosse player. on the back of the men's warm-up jerseys tonight were the words "one lovg" it was a show of solidarity and fans hope this weekend gives the team a fresh start. >> i know they're playing for her, which is awesome, so i just hope it's a great game, you know, that it's lots of fun and that uva walks off feeling better. >> hopefully tonight is sort of a little bit of a rebirth, get everybody back to being college kids and having fun again and you know take their mind
in the panhandle of west virginia. sending kids and adults back out to to work and school. cloudy and damp. pack umbrellas for monday. another risk of showers tomorrow. i'm optimistic for memorial day weekend. >> we'll come back to you if a few minutes. >>> the family of the man whose suv went careening on a bike path say they have no idea why he would have lost control. that driver and the teenage where killed. >> reporter: the driver was gary thorne, relatives say they don't know why he crashed but don't believe he was drinking and driving. kevin griffin is the stepfather of gary thorn, the man behind the wheel of the durango that crashed friday after striking and killing a 17-year-old fairfax high school student on a bike path. >> both families going through something now that no parent should have to go through, a loss of a child and bury your own child. our condolences and prayers go to them like we hope their conlol leco condolence come back to juice it was 4:00 on friday, police say thorn's durango crossed a mediaen and traffic before striking abdull before smashing into a tree 50 feet aw
two weeks. >>> virginia governor, bob mcdonnell will meet with the president of the university of virginia today, the two will be discussing what can be done to flag down students who can be a threat on campus. >> it comes a week after a female uva student was killed on campus. there's little information-sharing going on between the schools and police, even when the police department is right next door. >> reporter: when george hugly was arrested for the murder of his former girlfriend, yeerdly love, it wasn't the first time he had been accused of violence. but campus officials say they didn't know about a 2008 incident in virginia where hugly had to be tazered by an officer. off-campus police departments should notify universities when students are arrested. universities in our area, there is no obligation on the part of local police departments to inform campus officials, even when a student is arrested for a serious crime. >> we don't have any formal, formal arrangements with the local, the local jurisdictions. we certainly encourage prince george's county police to report m
on the confirmation before the august recess. >>> now, an update on that virginia man who skinned a guine pig and wore it as a hat. he was sentenced to six months in jail and a year of unsupervised probation. now woodson says he killed the animal humanely after buying it from a pet store. okay, so what do you think about this? sure it seems a tad mean to make a cute pet into a pig skin hat, but it was his pig, two months in jail, is that fair? or also a tad harsh? drop us a line, >>> a fifth suspect under arrest tonight in connection with the murder of a dc middle school principal. 42-year-old brian betts was murdered at his home. dc police arrested 19-year-old joel johnson. he is now charged with first- degree murder and armed robbery. three other teenagers are already charged in the case and one of the teenagers mother faces charges for using betts credit cards. >>> a 21-year-old marine was buried in frederick today. flag bearing volunteers line the roads and walkways to the services for corporal curt shea. the 21-year-old's funeral came on the same day the u.s. deaths in the afgh
was outed largely by this researcher at virginia tech. >> my confidence in the organization has been shaken as a result of my experiences because when i looked at what they did on this paper and the appalling disregard they showed for basic scientific principles. >> reporter: now, this congressional investigation also confirmed that houses of children the district were ending up with lead in their bloodstreams at levels far exceeding the recommended limits. now, if there is any good news here, it is since then engineers have been able to reduce the amount of lead in our tap water to more acceptable levels, but, again, congressional investigators say what's done is done and this hearing is set to start this morning on captiol hill at 9:00. and the house committee is expected to hear from both the cdc and the house investigators who conducted that report. back to you, andrea. >> thank you. oil from that rig explosion in the gulf of mexico is now showing up in louisiana wetlands. government scientists also say small portions of the slick has reached an ocean current that could take it to flori
we are looking at as a results to stanton, virginia, they are reporting zero in visibility. had showers yesterday afternoon and evening. those have left. we cleared out some and that alied radiational cooling and the counties in yellow toe this west, not including fairfax and loudoun but everybody else to the west of that you are under a dense fog advisory until 9:00. visibilities are down to zero in stanton. a half mile for winchester and culpeper. three quarters at manassas. martinsburg at a quarter mile. otherwise in decent shape. on the cool side. sterling and reston and manassas at 49 degrees. sunny later on, going around 80. here's angie with the thursday morning traffic. >>> i like what i see across the region. no major tieups to report at this time. look for yourself. we will move to 395 and take you outside and show you the drivers out there are moving at speed from 495 past shirlington to the 14th street bridge. the next stop, 495 in virginia. we are okay on the outer loop and the inner loop as drivers make their way from 95 up towards braddock road, continuing on to t
will be held tonight for yeardley love, a university of virginia lacrosse player murdered inside her apartment. >>> and out in force. police across are cracking down on hov violators today. >>> it's wednesday, may 5th, 2010 and we're staying on top of a disturbing discovery this morning. authorities have shut down a prominent prince georges county continue funeral home because of what they found in a nearby garage. tracy wilkins has details. >> reporter: the owner says that this business was started by his grandfather. he says that he's been in it since he was a 16-year-old kid. he also is he that last month he made a terrible mistake. since 1914, the chambers funeral home has been in operation. in 1983, the family added a crematory to the business. but now their operation has been stopped by the state after a shocking discovery. >> we are very sorry for this situation that has occurred. and we'll keep praying very hard that we can get ourselves out of this. >> during a surprise inspection of the facility, a state inspector was shocked to find # 4 bodies in a pile in a refrigerated section of
>>> today, classmates will remember a slain class member at the university of virginia. >>> and we've learned the you'veity of awe high school teen and father killed in a crash. we hear from family and friends as they mourn their deaths. >>> plus, a busy highway back open sooner, a lot sooner than expected. after crews shut it down for emergency repairs. good morning, welcome to news 4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm kimberly suiters. a quick check on our forecast. kim, welcome to the weekend morning show. >>> a little wet and crazy driving in this morning. >> we thought we would mix it up. >> did you sleep well last night? >> between my cats crawling all over me and the thunderstorms in fairfax county, not too well, but we needed the rain and we got it. a check at city cam, cloudy skies and scattered showers around outside. we'll take a look around and show you where we have rain. it was rather heavy last night. even rainfall rates of 1 to 2 inches an hour. and up north and east of aspen hills, to the west of 95, that's where it's coming down pretty heavy. lightning detecte
month's deadly mine explosion in west virginia. house committee will hold a hearing in beckley, west virginia near the upper big branch mine where 29 were killed and april 5 explosion. gov. johannssen and relatives of victims will testify. -- gov. joe mansin. >>> in the case of robert wone, someone testified about two knives that she was shown, including one found at the murder scene. prosecutors say the defendants planted to the knife and that its size made it impossible for it to be used in the killing. but a person's is either night could've made the stab wounds. -- eithe knife. -- either knife. >>> yeardley love was remembered. she would receive your diploma yesterday. she was the university of virginia student stabbed by her ex-boyfriend. >>she was awarded a posthumous bachelor's degree in politics and government. a cousin accepted the deployment. officials at the school what a better system to tell them when students are arrested off campus. there were never told about george huguely's 2008 arrest in lexington, virginia on charges of intoxication and resisting arrest. he threat
hold on to defeat united. >>> ladies and gentlemen, a moment of silence. >> the players at virginia are paying tribute to women's lacrosse player -year-oldley love -- player yeardley love who passed away [ inaudible ] virginia is up 3-0. now up 6-0 in the 2nd, thompson on a mission goes coast to coast top the cavs ahead. the maryland men defeat hofstra 11-8. the maryland women also win easy 20-5. >>> tonight's geico 15 minutes of fame actually shame takes us to st. petersburg. the mariners and rays, gutierrez steps out of the batter's box. why? because another fan is trying to earn his 15 minutes of fame. carl crawford wants none of that. the fan prolongs the inevitable. makes the good move. almost blows out his right knee until he get abouts a thousand pounds of security that will take him down. another bad decision turns tonight's 15 minutes of shame. we'll take our second break of the show. the story of a local football player who's rewriting the history books. stay tuned.  >>> welcome back. robert and nancy wang were members of the chinese olympic track team
and show you fairfax, virginia. a pole fire has some of the power out in the area and has northbound germantown road closed between fairfax boulevard and orchard street. be careful heading out that way. 66 eastbound, back outside. we are live and delayed from 50 to 123. watch the speed and the spray. and finally 270 southbound from germantown road to i-370. finding drivers on slick pavement below speed. back to you. >>> in just a few hours the trial begins in one of the district's most odd murder cases. three men charged with conspiracy in the death of robert wone. he was found dead in a dupont circle home nearly four years ago. kristin fisher has more on what we can expect for today. >> reporter: for are starting off let's be clear here the three men standing trial today are not accused with murder but are charged with conspiracy, obstructing justice and tampering with evidence. in'd's opening arguments, prosecutors accused the men in a carefully constructed cover- up but defense attorneys argue the case is weak on evidence and instead they argue the case is based on speculation and
was chased into a wooded area in washington. his body was found on sunday. >> a university of virginia president -- the university of virginia president has passed a rule that required them to notify the police if it is virginia student has a record. the university was unaware that hugely had several run ins with the law. >> meanwhile today, his mother released a statement expressing the sadness at the death of it -- of her son's former girlfriend. she writes, my grief will never be closed to the anguish felt by her family. but i am a mother and she will continue to support her son. >> [unintelligible] >> and you will never have to worry about the person in front of you [ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪ due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game, a couple minutes can mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. [ male announcer ] bayer's contour meter has program
rivals, the conservatives and the liberal democrats, built a coalition. west virginia, already home of the slots, but now las vegas style gambling is headed that way. >> big time gaming is coming to west virginia. for more than 70 years, this has been a home for slots. and horseracing. they will add a bit of las vegas in the hills of west virginia. people like this construction worker are hoping to land one of 400 positions as a dealer. >> people are having fun. it is a good atmosphere. >> all prospective employees are being trained in games such as blackjack and roulette. this single mother, linda, is learning the tricks of being a blackjack dealer. >> it is fast and there's a lot of opportunity for the players to win. the facility is being renovated and will take on [unintelligible] it is all part of a plan to generate an additional $13 million annually in local revenues. >> about 45 percent of our existing guests make trips to other cities -- about 45% of our existing debts make trips to other cities. >> this casino will open in july -- about 45% of our existing guests make trips
drilling. and members of congress plan to take a trip to west virginia to investigate the coal mining accident. 29 miners died after an explosion at the upper big branch mine. they will take testimony from family members of the victims of that blast. federal and state regulators are investigating the explosion, which was the first -- worst accident in 40 years at a mine. we talked to a reporter from the politico about the political fallout from this oil spill. thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you, caroline. >> let's start with the gulf. top officials are heading down tomorrow. is this a pr move? are they actually gathering information they can use? >> at this point, the obama administration spent more than one month. they want to appear on top of this oil spill. this is coming up all along the coastline of the louisiana area, and late last week, two prominent democrats strongly criticized the obama administration for their handling of the b.p. oil spill, so this is really an effort to show the people down there and the american people that they are trying to deal with the is
of the mountains it's chilly. western maryland, west virginia near 40 degrees under a clear sky. we have a half moon hanging in the southern sky this morning. and it is clear, no travel problems throughout the northeast corridor or in and out of the midwest or even heading down south a large area of high pressure in place for today giving us lots of sun and highs climbing into the low 80s with low humidity. a perfect spring day on the way. tomorrow, partly cloudy, we'll have a weak front coming through, highs reaching the low 80s and a slight chance of an isolated shower. then on friday partly cloudy, near 80, might get showers maybe thundershowers friday night, then they may linger saturday morning. how's traffic? >> tom, as we head out, looking pretty good all in all, a bunch of road work of course on the beltway around van dorn street. no worries the inner and outer loop appear to be moving. we'll stay with virginia and i'm sorry, up to maryland, college park, yesterday's tractor-trailer accident you may recall all gone. both directions off to a very uneventful beginning. >> thank you. think
with a friend. any ring tomorrow should be south of us and virginia. -- any rain tomorrow should be south of us in virginia. the better chance will be for rain on tuesday. here is what the forecast as looking like for the next seven days. 88 mark. 91 and hot and humid on monday with an isolated storm chance. -- 88 tomorrow. >> when you look at the eiffel tower, the chances are you do not think that would be a good place to skate off. the french and daredevil constructed of 131 ft ramp off the first floor of the tower and ordered to set a freefall ramp record for in-line skates. it was not easy. the first attempt was less than successful. the second try he landed on both feet. to go or at least part of it. -- >> or at least part of it. >> stick around for sports. all over the map. you do not see that very often. stay tuned. >> here is a picture of nicklaus. he brought home $10,000. your next number is 28. all of by one. time now for your power ball number. that number is 10. good luck everyone. you can wind up to $2 million in cash. right here from >> now, 11 sports. >> we had the wrong kind of
with the big thunderstorms friday night. it stalled in virginia and now we have waves of pressure that will come through like waves of trains. it should clear up during the middle portion of the week. temperatures will stay cool. it will be difficult to move the temperatures. we are in the upper 50's and low 60's. the average high temperature is 74. off and on rain showers. take an umbrella today. cloudy skies and cool temperatures. sunset and 8:15. rainshowers will stick around tonight. temperatures will drop back into the 50's. toward the middle portion of the week, we start to improve. the rain will stick around. high temperature around 63. then everything pushes off the coast. 70's by wednesday. same thing over the weekend. 30% for a chance for rain on saturday and sunday. cloudy, cool, rainy. >> 5:51, 56 degrees. so much more ahead. >> including a look at one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck. how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner b
life. >> a toll vote on interstate 95 in virginia? the governor is pushing for it. where it would go and how much it would cost. >> their reaction to a new law that requires parents to go to school with their kids before their kids can get a driver's license. >> and the containment dome did not work. a new plan for the oil in the gulf of mexico. >> a weather changes coming but not before a very cool and clear monday evening. not before a very cool and clear monday evening. >>> oil is washing ashore in alabama following an oil rig explosion last month. bp's hopes to use a dome, but it clogs. they're talking about putting the oil well with rubber and garbage. hundreds of thousands of oil continued to gush from the damaged rib each day. congress has hearings are planned for the disaster next week. >>> the west virginia coal miners killed in last month's explosion, the house labor committee wants to take testimony from the family members. a new lawsuit and to prevent investigators from interviewing witnesses and last families or representatives are pleasant. >> more problems on the way f
of offshore drilling in virginia. >>> breaking news now, a close call having to use the emergency brake sparking more concerned about the safety on the rails. we're live with that story. jennifer? >> the deadly collision that occurred above ground, this latest incident happened belowground. the train operator alerted metro officials to this incident that happened at 1:00 yesterday afternoon. we confirm that a train operator had to manually slam on his emergency brakes wednesday afternoon when he saw another stop trade up ahead on the rails. the automatic sensors failed to stop his trade, a major part of the investigation. nine people were killed, including a train operator. on one train was stopped on the tracks, the automatic sensors were supposed to stop the oncoming train. the two collided in the deadliest accident. like that crash, wednesday's near collision happened on the red line. >> it concerns me, but i feel. >> why is this incident occurred yesterday afternoon? >> they spent the day chasing down information and releasing it to the media. we will be covering this developing sto
a $100,000 federal grant to study virginia wine. the salahis have been involved in the wine business. according to a published report, a spokesperson says the salahis are under investigation by the office of the inspector general as it relates to the grant. a source confirms that investigators are trying to determine if the salahis properly acquired the grant money. their publicist describe the allegations as completely ridiculous and stated it proves the point there is a witch hunt. everybody, including the commonwealth of virginia, is very proud with this study. he gave us comments that tim kaine said for helping virginias wine industry. >> the growth of our wine industry is -- thanks for your help. >> they publicist also told me the grant that fantastic and productive results improving growth within virginias wine industry. >>> police are searching for a gun and after three people were shot in prince george's county. -- searching for a gun man. all of the victims appeared to have suffered non-life threatening injuries. >>> police in arlington on a hunt for a dangerous predator. th
in virginia. first trains are out on normal service. >> thank you. >>> a developing story. a series of strong storms spawned tornadoes. those twisters are being blamed for at least five deaths. dozens of homes were damaged. there was a trail of destruction. courtney robinson has more. >> that damage is extremely widespread. thousands of homes and businesses damaged. workers will be going door to door to account for many people feared dead or even injured. >> we are fine. we are fine. >> a series of tornadoes sweeping across oklahoma, killing at least five, including a young boy. another man died after an are on top of them. " it was scary. " many say all they could do was pray and hope they would survive. >> very lucky. but, what do you do? you just have to ride it out. >> residents were left with this. damage, devastation. holmes flattened. homes flattened. is going to take some time to overcome in the state of oklahoma law. between 10 and 20 twisters were reported. a perfect combination of wind, heat, and moisture caused those twisters. >> thank you. >>> the hirshhorn will open this morning
university of virginia, local students behind bars. but brian has a check on the forecast. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this tuesday, the fourth day of may. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. glad you're joining us. >> let's begin with meteorologist brian van de graaff to find out what to expect. >> humidity will decrease slightly. some clouds out there, but we will have sunshine. we are still shrouded in cloud cover, but we see breaks in the clouds of to the west. 72 degrees in landover. partly cloudy today, highs in the low 80's, a little less humidity with an isolated shower this afternoon. a lot of truck accidents, right? >> this one on the inner loop out of college part in silver spring on 95. it's off the roadway. there was a truck fire in woodbridge on 95 northbound, but that has been resolved. i want to look at a camera on 270 southbound. plenty of traffic leaving frederik getting into montgomery county. we're at 109. more to come on the geico c
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